Bar entrepreneur Eric Yu has invested in mezcal brand Ojo de Dios, with an agreement in place to promote the brand in the UK.

Yu, who recently celebrated 30 years of the Breakfast Group, will promote Ojo de Dios Espadin Joven Mezcal (RRP £43.78 for 70cl / 42% abv) and a coffee mezcal liqueur, ODD Café ( RRP £52.95 for 70cl/ 35% abv), which is said to have been the first of its kind.

The brand was founded by Eduardo Gomez, founder of Tequila & Mezcal Fest, who launched the brand in the UK last year. 

Yu told Class: “Dre Masso and I are involved. We have a lot of samples come across our desks, and this one Dre thought was special.”

Masso added: “What’s really exciting about this team and brand is the fresh look and innovation they are bringing to the mezcal category whilst consciously upholding the soul of Mexico.

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“Ojo de Dios brings a kaleidoscopic view to mexico and mezcal and are about to embark on a second, ‘worlds first’ in the category, when they launch the next line of their ODD product range that we cannot wait to show you later in the summer.”

Yu is also aiming to release a ‘London Dock Rum’. “We’re bringing rum from Jamaica and blending it here. Depending on how busy we are, [it] will hopefully be [lauched] this year,” he said.