Calvados brand Avallen has redesigned its label to showcase its carbon footprint in a bid to be a sustainability paragon for the drinks industry.

The new label, made from recycled paper fibres and apple pulp, features a description of the impact from the calvados brand’s production; from water usage (1,2L per 70cl) and greenhouse gas emissions (2.73kg CO2e is removed from the atmosphere per 70cl) to packaging materials and details of the brand's charitable donations. 

The label will also feature a QR code that links to Avallen's sustainability report.

“The spirits industry has a total lack of labelling transparency, with brands not even required to list ingredients on the bottle, let alone their ecological impact,” said Avallen co-founder, Tim Etherington-Judge.

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“We want to change that and lead from the front, communicating our environmental footprint as clearly as possible for people looking to understand more about the effect of the products they buy. Our new label represents that desire, and we hope that we’re the first of many brands to take this action.”

Avallen Calvados was launched in 2019 by Stephanie Jordan and Tim Etherington-Judge with a mission to act against the climate crisis and catastrophic biodiversity loss.