The founders of Avallen Spirits, the owner of Avallen Calvados, Stephanie Jordan-Balmforth and Tim Etherington-Judge, have announced a new consultancy company.

Avallen Solutions will be dedicated to sustainability within the drinks and hospitality industries.

“Genuine and authentic sustainability is the most important and interesting area of innovation for every drinks brand, bar, and restaurant around the world,” says Jordan-Balmforth. “That’s why we’ve created Avallen Solutions, to share everything we’ve learned about making drinks that don’t give the planet a hangover and accelerate the critically needed change.”

Avallen Solutions will encourage drinks brands and hospitality businesses to reduce their impact on the environment across a variety of different areas from carbon emissions and waste reduction to packaging and training.

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Avallen Solutions offers three tailored packages to support businesses of all sizes:

Seed: Suitable for small businesses and startups and cost-effective.

Blossom: Designed for mid-sized companies to help instil good practices and culture as the business grows.

Harvest: Aimed at large companies to maximise positive impact, offering customised support and ongoing consultancy.