Trailer Happiness owner Sly Augustin has told Class that “unless that building is condemned and demolished, we will re-open.”

This comes after the Portobello Road rum bar suffered “catastrophic flooding” on Monday evening (12 July) forcing it to be closed for the foreseeable future.

“We're looking at a couple of months minimum,” said Augustin. “I'm hoping for a miracle but that's what we've been told.

“The fact that water came through the ceiling and walls as well as the drains means the landlords insurance is also involved. I can’t even touch the place until the adjusters have viewed it.”

Monday’s flash floods, that came as parts of London saw a month of rain in a single day, couldn’t have come at a worse time for the bar that was preparing for the upcoming lockdown restriction easing.

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In a statement on Instagram, Augustin wrote: “It was a real gut punch for myself and the team, coming just a week before Covid restrictions were due to be relaxed.  We were looking forward to celebrating another step towards normality with all of you, and finally seeing our recently refurbished bar functioning the way it was intended. There may have even been dancing.”

Trailer Happiness has set up a limited-edition shop and a GoFundMe where the public can support to the bar through its closure.