Remy Savage and Paul Lougrat, the duo behind A Bar With Shapes For A Name, have opened a new bar, Floraison.

The bar, at 1 Broadway Market, will initially open as a summer pop-up in partnership with St Germain before reopening in the same location as an independent venue on 1 October.

Lougrat and Savage’s second opening in a little under two months will focus on cocktails, St Germain spritz, aperitif and French food.

The art nouveau aesthetic of Floraison is a stark contrast to the functional Bauhaus design of ABWSFAN. In an Instagram post, the bar explained the thinking behind the style: “Art Nouveau arrived just after the industrial revolution.

“The world was a strange place back then as nature was somewhat taken from us… Art Nouveau became the cure, nature was reintroduced by artists… some of us believe that we are about to experience the same low as our ancestors did, only this time it is not a post-industrial depression but a post-technological one.

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“Nature is being taken away from us, we mostly interact with it through technology looking at and while it may work, it very well may not work for everyone. We want nature back.”

Floraison is open every day from 11 am to 11 pm.