Remy Savage and Paul Lougrat’s A Bar with Shapes for a Name, which only opened last spring, is to expand to take in the basement downstairs later this year. 

The extension aims to satisfy demand for the Dalston bar, which shifts up to 5,000 cocktails a week and routinely requires queuing for entry after midnight.

The basement site will share the menu of upstairs and will integrate the bar’s prep kitchen and storage but may not have a bar.

Savage, who took Bartender of the Year at the recent CLASS Bar Awards, told CLASS: “There will be stairs coming from the back of the bar to a new downstairs space,” says Savage. “It used to be a club and has about an 80-person capacity. It’ll be decorated like a white gallery and we are thinking of having a DJ and sound system.”

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While the space will have a slightly different tempo to the cocktail bar upstairs, it continues to be inspired by the school of Bauhaus.

Savage added: “In the Bauhaus they used to have these massive parties where the teachers and students got together. These parties could go a little wild. So we may have a contrast from upstairs.”