The Drinks Trust has announced its partnership with Equal Measures to offer educational courses and mentoring to individuals, as well as supporting businesses to improve their internal practices. 

Equal Measures was created by Hacha Bar co-owner, Deano Moncrieffe with the aim to deliver greater equity in the drinks industry, by helping to enrich possibilities for those from Black, Asian, and other minority ethnicities, as well as those from other marginalised groups, such as queer and genderqueer persons, those who are neurodivergent, or who face systemic barriers to their progression.

“I am proud to announce this exciting partnership with The Drinks Trust,” said Moncrieffe. “We have a shared vision of how we can support individuals, groups, communities and companies who understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality in our industry.

“Most importantly for me The Drinks Trust understands just how much work still needs to be done to improve many areas of our industry and together we believe we can create positive long-lasting change. Since I founded Equal Measures, I always wanted it to progress and grow to be a support network for anyone who reaches out in need of help or guidance. “

The partnership sees The Drinks Trust become the official administration and delivery partner for Equal Measures services in the UK.

“We are excited to be launching the partnership with Equal Measures to deliver this ongoing initiative which will enable our industry to diversify, and to be more representative of the people it serves in order to benefit from the value that a more diverse workforce provides,” said Ross Carter, chief executive of The Drinks Trust

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“So now is the time to act as an industry and we would call on all businesses to support this initiative through funding and participation”.

The Equal Measures Education and Mentorship Programme is available to anyone who works in the cocktail and spirits industry.

The programme gives participants the opportunity to complete industry courses, including WSET Spirits Level 2 & Level 3. They will also be twinned with an industry figure who will offer mentorship.