Healthy Hospo is offering a free course to help bar owners and operators navigate the challenges impacting hospitality this winter.

Addressing issues such as energy prices, staffing difficutlties, the cost of living crisis and runaway inflation, the course is filled with advice and actionable steps, such as demanding action from your MP, cost-saving measures for owners and operators, and tactics for reducing energy use.

It also advises on how you might support your staff and includes a resource list of other organisations that can assist.

The course will see the creation of WhatsApp groups to provide regular updates and encourage conversation between business owners and operators. The hope is that by coming together as an industry we can share advice, knowledge, tips and tricks.

Healthy Hospo is offering this course free on their new digital learning platform as part of their commitment to helping the hospitality industry.

Since their launch four years ago, Healthy Hospo has trained and inspired thousands of hospitality professionals around the world to live healthier, happier lives through their pioneering training programs and digital platform, a first for the hospitality industry.

Healthy Hospo founder Tim Etherington-Judge says: “Unless serious and urgent action is taken by the UK’s new government, it’s going to be a real winter of discontent for the hospitality industry. We have been thinking about how we can support our industry through these painful times and this course and WhatsApp groups are our attempt to help owners and operators across the country stay open.”

Merlin Griffiths, Publican & TV Bartender added: "Thank you Tim and Healthy Hospo for this initiative. In the face of seemingly insurmountable problems and ever-increasing stress our networks become more important than ever. Having like-minded people around you to discuss your options, feelings or just to vent to at times like this is invaluable. I'll see you on the WhatsApp group!"

For more information, please contact Healthy Hospo MD Jason-Candid Knüsel or visit Healthy Hospo's website

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