Whitebox Cocktails, the canned cocktail company created by industry figures Alex Lawrence, Pietro Collina, Roman Shabodalov, and Jack Wareing, has announced the addition of a canned Margarita to its range.

Squeezy’s Margarita was designed by the team to be “kept as classic with just Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime, and a little touch of salt.”

Whitebox founder and Global Bar Director at Mr Lyan, Alex Lawrence said in an Instagram post: “Margaritas in a can have been a consistent let down so we decided to make something different.

“An incredible amount of work to get this over the line… This is a canned Margarita that actually tastes like a Margarita. No watered down bullshit and no unbalanced nonsense.”

Wareing added: “A Marg that tastes like a Marg. Finally. It's been a long time coming and this Lilliputian cocktail represents hundreds of hours of research and (more than a few) extra creases on my face.

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“This thing is killer. You should get one. Or four.”

Squeezy’s Margarita joins the brands portfolio which already includes the Pocket Negroni, Freezer Martini, Chipper’s Old Fashioned, Hippy Fizz and Disco Baby Vodka Soda.