Healthy Hospo

Healthy Hospo has launched a GoFundMe, looking to raise £10,000 to continue its work supporting hospitality professionals around the world.

The not-for-profit body, which is now on the edge of bankruptcy and needs funds to survive the winter, was launched by Tim Etherington-Judge four years ago.

With a mission to build a “healthier, happier hospitality industry”, Healthy Hospo is a health and well-being training provider, supporting mental and physical health in the hospitality industry.

Etherington-Judge, Healthy Hospo founder, said: “We have watched our partners, our friends, and the industry we all love go through the most challenging time any of us can remember.

“Since the pandemic arrived we’ve done everything we can to support the industry, including launching the first dedicated health and well-being focused training app. Yet despite our best efforts, the industry is not OK, and as a result, Healthy Hospo is not OK either.”

According to Healthy Hospo, the funds would be used to:

• Provide complimentary access to its health and well-being training app, which includes lessons on: stress & anxiety, sleep, financial health, nutrition and human connection.

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• Support the mental health of hospitality workers

• Support hospitality businesses during their time of need

• Continue to provide health and well-being training services for the industry

To support Healthy Hospo and donate, click this link.