The Class review team is in Manchester to pay Project Halcyon a visit. 

Project Halcyon of Manchester never got going in its original form, partly due to the pandemic, but also its focus on the owners’ spirit brand that pigeonholed itself to a one-hit wonder. Roll into 2023, its doors have reopened and a revamp into eclectic speakeasy is the way forward.

Headed by Adam Taylor of Mecanica fame, this large space in an old bonded warehouse offers up a seat within the absinthe room, plush blue booths overlooking the period bar setup, or taking in the distillery set-up that’s available for the bartenders of Manchester to use.

Its opening menu takes on the Aviary inspiration, such as the Harbinger that brings Whistlepig Piggyback six year old with Mouse Kingdom Quad Sec, chestnut and garlic. Throw in a Fourteen Days with gin, Roots Mastic, blackberry and tarragon, and you’re on to a gem of a bar in a city that’s pushing itself to the next level.

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SCORE: 8/10

» Bonded Warehouse, Lower Byrom St, Manchester M3 4AP