Mixers BBAs

We turn next to the softs and mixers category in the BBAs, where one brand dominates. 

With such a wide array of products and flavour profiles in the softs & mixers sessions, Franklin & Sons deserves credit for taking three of the top five scores this year.

The Category Champion was Franklin & Sons Ginger Beer, which judges marked 83/100 – the 11th best score in the entire BBAs. In the blind tasting they called it “really well balanced, with good acidity”, while the looks were liked and price point even more so – golds for both design and value for money.

The brand took runner up-spot too with its Pink Grapefruit Soda. Judges enjoyed the product’s “natural juice”, while in the design round they enjoyed the “clean, elegant bottle”.

As well as they did across the board, the top mixer in the blind tasting was Monin Le Fruit de Cherry Fruit Mix . The panel simply said: “Delicious, can’t fault it – great job.”

Mixers BBAs
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It was Franklin & Sons again in fourth, with its Natural Rose Lemonade, which judges described as a “tasty crowd pleaser”.

Goldberg Ginger Beer edged Franklin & Sons Guava & Lime Soda out of fifth, on account of its higher taste score. Judges were “blown away” by its flavours, also picking out creamy texture and impressive carbonation.