In celebration of Deaf Awareness Week, Meaningful Drinking has partnered with Franklin and Sons and Morena London for a fundraising and Deaf awareness event in aid of Deafroots. 

Deafroots is an East London-based non-profit dedicated to improving access for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people to employment and educational opportunities and services in order for them to have a fulfilling life, integrated within their local communities.

In an Instagram post, Meaningful Drinking co-founder Tony Pescatori said: “Our industry is based on personal communication, whether it is explaining a food and drinks menu, taking orders or ensuring our guests feel well received by means of a smile and a glass of water. So, we thought of creating an atmosphere where those who struggle the most with communication feel included and valuable.”

“We’ve found ten amazing volunteers willing to work and participate in the evening, interacting with guests as a chance to train in customer service and experience what hospitality is about.

“The menu will feature a QR code tutorial to interact and communicate with our guest stars using BSL sign language and allow them to have a real opportunity for working in a venue that will hopefully have them consider hospitality as their carrier path.”

“We dream of a society where everyone can be included and respected for their worth and abilities rather than their disabilities.”

The event will take place at Morena, near Victoria on Wednesday 11 May from 6 – 10pm, the event will see 30 per cent of each drink sold donated to Deafroots.

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Tony Pescatori, former bar manager at Nightjar, co-founded Meaningful Drinking alongside Enrico Gonzato in October 2021 with the aim to raise awareness and funds for “important social issues, from homelessness to child education, from animal welfare to the care of the environment” through masterclasses and takeovers.