Kievan Nemati, the former bar manager at Zetter Townhouse, has launched The Bottled Cocktail Company with a range of bottled classic cocktails.

The brand has launched with a Silver Fir Negroni, El Presidente, Passion Fruit Spritz, Elderflower Highball, Dry Gin Martini, and Old Fashioned, all bottled at sipping strength and designed to be drunk either straight up, served from the freezer or stirred over ice.

The range is inspired in part by Nemati’s experience in perfumery, an industry that he entered into after leaving Zetter Townhouse in 2017.

“About 80% of a human's perception of flavour actually comes from the sense of smell,” said Nemati.

“We create our own aromatic essences and tinctures to tweak the flavour profile of classic cocktails. It opens up a world of possibility in terms of flavour combinations and manipulation, while at the same time keeping their integrity in terms of structure.

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“The team approach bottled cocktails in the same way fine liqueurs, aperitifs and bitters are crafted; with the mission of elevating the concept, quality and convenience of such products, and to further define them as a category all of their own.”

The Bottled Cocktail’s range is available at as well as select retailers with an rrp of £36.