Photo: Eleonora Boscarelli

KOL Mezcaleria will next week unveil a new series of bottlings that explores little-known artisanal Mexican spirits.

Working with the Sin Gusano project in Mexico, the Marylebone based restaurant bar has bottled expressions from San Luis Potosi, Oaxaca, Puebla and Jalisco regions, exploring the country’s central, southern and western states.

This new line of six agave distillates will be incorporated into KOL Mezcaleria’s spring cocktail menu and mezcal flight options, as well as the KOL restaurant’s mezcal pairing.

The smokey Diablo, is an ‘ensembles’ of three agaves from San Luis Potosi, sees pulque added during fermentation, and comes out at 49% abv.

Coyote from Oaxaca has a farmyard funk and is another blend of agave types; it is double distilled to 47.2% abv.

Primavera (46.8% abv) from Puebla is a single variety spirit made with marmorata harvested in the dry season, producing funky notes, while Verano (45.8% abv) sees the same process but with wet-season agave, producing a deep but very different flavour.

Jardin (44% abv) uses a blend of agaves from the base of a volcano in Colima, Jalisco, while the Oaxacan Campo (45.5% abv) sees the addition of lemongrass to its six-agave blend.

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The bottle label of the range has been designed in-house, with each bespoke illustration tailored to the profile of the distillate.

The Sin Gusano project has been working together with small-scale producers to preserve the cultural, biological and culinary heritage of mezcals and aims to widen the understanding and preservation of artisanal agave distillates (mezcals) through strategic partnerships.

To promote and support the small producers that often fall outside of mezcal’s much-disputed boundaries, Sin Gusano labels its bottles as 'agave spirits'.

The bottles will also be available for purchase from KOL and KOL Mezcaleria with Coyote, Primavera and Verano costing £120, Verde and Flora £130 and Diablo £160.