Kodama Tea with Tanqueray gin, cacao blanc, matcha powder, sugar syrup, soya milk, citrus mix and garnished with white chocolate

Islington-based The Bottle Cocktail Shop has announced the launch of its debut menu built with the aid of data collected during the first year of the bar’s operation.

"We launched our debut menu a year after opening The Bottle Cocktail Shop because we wanted to take a new approach to menu creation, and so we have built this menu around guest data,” said The Bottle Cocktail Shop by co-founder Ciarán Smith.

“We have utilised this data to drive the process of our menu development, which we are truly excited to introduce to our guests. In the first year of opening, instead of launching a menu based around certain flavour profiles and drink families, we decided to offer our guests five different cocktails each month to choose from, allowing us to experiment with different flavours and spirit combinations.

“The 12 months' worth of data, helped us pinpoint exactly what today's guests like to drink, their preferred spirits, flavour profiles etc. A data-driven menu has showcased our hyper-personalised approach to The Bottle Cocktail Shop's debut menu, reflecting our dedication to serving expertly made cocktails in line with our guest’s personal preferences and evolving tastes."

By analysing the choices of its guests, The Bottle Cocktail Shop team identified a preference for lighter-style serves as opposed to boozy stirred down drinks.

The menu reflects this discovery with cocktails more often light and bright in character and utilising milk punches, shrubs, tepaches and carbonation.

Highlights include milk punch Cereal Killer, Kodama Tea which sees gin and cacao blanc mixed with matcha powder, and Fans Only which combines vodka, sherry, sake, sauvignon, passion fruit syrup, balanced with acids.

The Bottle Cocktail Shop’s debut menu will be available in the bar from early March.