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How to make Kiki Lounge's Queenie Martini
The Queenie Martini

Crisp, oceanic, clean

The Queenie Martini, a tribute to the Isle of Man's cherished scallop, is a blend of local flavors and culture. At its core, a dry gin, fat-washed with Manx Butter and enriched with the umami of foraged seaweed.  Dry vermouth is subtly infused with the mineral essence of unrefined queenie shells. Lastly, Kiki Lounge add a few drops of roe oil, made from the queenie's meat and neutral oil, capturing the essence of the queenie's aromatics. The Queenie Martini is a nautical journey without the briny aftermath, promising a sip that's as crisp as it is local.

Venue: Kiki Lounge, Isle of Man

Menu: Menu-zine Issue 03

Recipe: Drew Fleming


75ml Seaweed butter washed Tanqueray No. Ten Gin
15ml Cracked queenie shell vermouth
4 x drops queenie roe oil

Lemon oil from fresh peel


Stir the gin and vermouth until well chilled, strain into a frozen Nick & Nora before adding four drops of roe oil on top of the drink and finishing with lemon oil from fresh lemon peel expressed over the drink.

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