Chelsie Bailey has been appointed head of drinks development for bar and pub group Stonegate.

Bailey, who left the American Bar at The Savoy early this year, will work across drinks development for hospitality brands that include Be At One and Slug & Lettuce and will remain stationed in London.

Speaking exclusively to CLASS, she said: “I love how creative and fun drinks development is and it has always been my favourite part of being a bartender. I’m a naturally a creative person and Stonegate has such a diverse portfolio from pubs, clubs to cocktails, I really get to work on a whole spectrum of different drinks.”

Asked if she felt she could make more impact at mainstream venues, she said: “I absolutely think I can have more of an impact. Rather than write drink menus for one venue I will be writing drink menus for millions of people around the country. I’ve always had the opinion that cocktails should be accessible and fun as well as high quality and I’m excited to be in a role where I can put that in practise.”

Bailey confirmed that the new role would see her “out of service for the foreseeable future”, but didn’t rule out getting behind the stick “for the odd special occasion”.

She added: “I’ve had an incredible career and achieved more than I thought I ever would and it’s time to move into something else where I can learn and grow. I’m most looking forward to having more of a routine and to also have more of a structure in my professional and personal life.”