Chelsie Bailey

Chelsie Bailey has announced that she has left her role as the head bartender of the American Bar at The Savoy.

Having joined The Savoy in June 2022, Bailey was the 13th head bartender of the American Bar's storied 130-year history.

Bailey spearheaded the 2023 cocktail menu, The Savoy: American Bar Journal, which "commemorated moments in time, celebrating the past, present and future of bartending at The Savoy".

On departing the American Bar, Bailey told Class: "I haven't got anything lined up. I'm taking the time to reset and find something suitable - I'm excited to see what happens."

Her 18 month tenure followed Shannon Tebay (2021-2022), Maxim Schulte (2018-2020) and Erik Lorincz (2010-2018), and is part of a lineage that includes industry legends Peter Dorelli (1985-2003), Harry Craddock (1925-1939) and Ada Coleman (1903-1924).

Bailey rose to notoriety in Bristol with stints at Red Light and Filthy 13 and after winning a string of cocktail competitions, including the UK title for Bacardi Legacy in 2019. She moved to London soon after, where she took up residence at Happiness Forgets before joining The Savoy. 

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