If you're a bartender working in a UK bar and you have a specialsm in a particular drinks category, we'd love to hear from you.

The Bartenders' Brand Awards  - now in its seventh year - is CLASS' blind tasting, design and value-tested competition for spirits, wines, beers and drinks products aimed at the UK bar industry.

Our judging panels boast some of the biggest names in the UK bar industry, including the like of Jake Burger, Tristan Stephenson, Salvatore Calabrese, Sophie Bratt, Deano Moncrieffe, Sly Augustin, Courtney Francis, Ben Alcock, Iain McPherson and Sian Buchan.

The BBAs covers the following categories: Agave Spirits, American & World Whiskey, Beer, Brandy & Cognac, & Cider, Gin, Liqueurs, No/Low, Mixers & Softs, Rum, Scotch & Irish and Vodka & Speciality Spirits.

Interested bartenders should email CLASS by Monday October 9th, naming your bar and listing your specialism (if you have more than one area of expertise, please list up to three choices).

Sessions, which will take place in January 2024, take place on Zoom and last approximately two hours.