The Pinnacle Guide has published its framework for rewarding excellence in the best bars in the world.

The modules of judging criteria cover six key areas of a bar’s operation including venue look and feel, overall hospitality, staff consideration and its drinks programme. 

Dan Dove, Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne, co-founders of The Pinnacle Guide said: “By requesting a clear demonstration of concept before an anonymous reviewer steps foot in the door - this allows all bars to showcase their own excellence – recognising cocktail bars of all sizes and styles whilst minimising subjectivity. It is a completely different way of assessing excellence in bars, and one we hope people will read with an open mind.” 

The self-nomination process allows a venue to showcase, and be rewarded for, what it is they are most proud of, explaining their systems, processes and behind-the-scenes infrastructure that make their bar top tier, before an in-person review. 

This approach is also designed to give venues pause for thought on where they might have room for improvement, with the ambition of elevating the industry by encouraging higher standards across the globe. 

The criteria has been published after months of planning, research and development during The Pinnacle Guide’s in-depth Consultancy Phase. 

During this year-long period, the founders hosted a series of Round Table discussions via Zoom, with each session led by a panel of industry experts tackling a different element of The Pinnacle Guide judging process. 

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The Round Tables are still available to watch back on the website. The proposed attributes required to become a Reviewer for The Pinnacle Guide, as well as the selection process, has also been published for response. 

There will now be a final month-long consultation period for feedback from the trade, before the criteria is cemented for how the bars will be assessed and awarded by The Pinnacle Guide.

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