Spirits agency Ten Locks is launching its first in-house produced and owned spirit brand this month - Pod Pea Vodka. 

The 40% abv spirit is made from British peas, fermented and distilled in Manchester using a copper still.

Ten Locks describes the flavour profile of the vodka as “sweet, vegetal pea notes, a touch of citrus, light savoury tones and a silky finish.” 

Becky Davies, head of commercial at Ten Locks, said: “We launch Pod Pea Vodka confident we’ve prioritised taste, flavour, and an unwavering belief that excellent ingredients can be sourced right here in the UK. We’re stepping out with a spirit that represents what Ten Locks stands for – a lively, truly modern drinks brand that raises the bar and inspires conversation while being tightly linked to our key brand pillars around positive change.”  

Davies added: “Pod is perfectly positioned to recruit consumers from gin, hold the attention of vodka drinkers and attract established cocktail lovers, not only that but Pod Pea Vodka should appeal to the foodie and be a perfect solution for the ever-growing savoury cocktail trend. This year we’ll be working hard to bring the brand to life and bring the trade along with us and encourage them to give peas a chance!”  

Pod Pea Vodka’s bottles are made from sand sourced from the UK, "to keep its carbon footprint low", and “transition glass that would otherwise be processed further”, resulting in the bottle’s green colour. Labels are printed on wood-free, FSC certified paper avoiding plastics and foils.