Spiribam-UK, owners of Rhum J.M and Clement, has announced the launch of ‘AgriSchool’, an in-person, category education event for bartenders interested in rhum agricole.

The series is designed to raise awareness around the category, with the first session, involving ten bartenders, taking place on Monday 6th March at The Beachcomber Tiki Bar in London.

The curriculum is split into four sessions with each designed to broaden bartenders’ knowledge on the production and culture behind the creation of Rhum Agricole.

Ashera Goonewardene, account manager with Spiribam-UK and UK Champion of Rhum Clement's annual Ti Punch Cup in 2017, will host the programme alongside guest speakers.

Session One, named In The Field, will see guest speaker Rhum Clement Director, Charles Lercher;

For Session Two, In The Distillery, the guest speaker will be Director Distillerie Du Simon François Pinasa;

Session Three, which focusing on In The Cellar, sees the contribution of Rhum JM Cellar Master, Karine Lassalle;

While Session Four, titled In The French Caribbean Culture, sees Creole Community Events Coordinator Nadia Nerom.

If successful, AgriSchool will put on further events in London, with all greater London bartenders eligible to take part.