Icebreaker from the Other chapter of Synergia

The Connaught Bar has unveiled a new menu, Synergia, to mark the Mayfair institution’s 15th anniversary.

The menu, developed by director of mixology Agostino Perrone, assistant director of mixology Giorgio Bargiani, bar manager Maura Milia, and their team, consists of three chapters that together look to “sum up and extend” the bar’s legacy.

“Working collaboratively and extensively as a team, we have started comparing our emotions, how we feel about the synergy among us and between us and the guests, and how all these contribute to our creative process and approach to hospitality,” said Perrone.

“Synergia is the natural result of a 15-year journey focussing on the best possible experience we can offer to the people who walk through the door of the Connaught Bar, with each team member adding something new and fresh to a long-standing, unvaried vision.”

The first chapter, Self, takes inspiration from “feelings and ideas we experience as individuals”, it includes Soothe My Soul, which combines Elit vodka, Everleaf Forest, Podere Santa Bianca Liquore N.4, ginger & turmeric kombucha and chili honey.

The second, Other, uses flavours “defined by immediacy and deception” and features Icebreaker, Appleton 12, pisco, Amontillado sherry, roasted peanut butter, fermented banana, verjus and Abbott’s bitters.

Synergy, the third chapter embraces “the sense of togetherness that is hospitality”, and features Kindred Joy, a take on the Paloma that carbonates Patrón Silver, Three Spirit Spark Blurred Wine, yuzu syrup, green chilli liqueur, pink grapefruit soda and tomato liqueur.

“Our creative process as a team never follows the same path,” said Bargiani.

“However, the results we achieve express a sort of consistent aesthetic and flavour standards that carry the signature of the Connaught Bar team. It’s like our mixology golden ratio, and the same applies to hospitality when we deliver the guest experience.”

Milia added: “With Synergia, we wanted to put the feelings and ideas that help us set such standards at the heart of what people will taste, listen to, and respond to. And perhaps, what we will gather from our guests this year will inspire us to forge our next chapter.”