Whitebox Cocktails, the first bartender-operated RTD cocktail brand, has announced the launch of a new canned serve, a take on the classic highball.

Whisky Highball uses whisky blended by the Whitebox team, using 100% Highland malted barley, before adding peach and tea.

“Whisky highballs have grown in popularity all over the world and we’re really happy to add to the category with something that feels brighter in profile but with true respect to the origins,” said Alex Lawrence, co-founder of Whitebox Cocktails.

Edinburgh-based Whitebox Cocktails was founded in 2021 by Alex Lawrence, Pietro Collina, Ben Iravani, Roman Shabodalov, Jack Wareing, and Josh Rennie with the team now having grown to include Chris Masters and designer Louise Chan.

The Whisky Highball joins a product portfolio that includes the Pocket Negroni, Freezer Martini, Disco Baby, Hippy Fizz, and Squeezy’s Margarita.

The Whisky Highball (8% abv) is available to purchase in packs of twelve for rrp £60 from whiteboxcocktails.com, and single cans for rrp £5.50 from independent bottle shops nationwide.