Flavour company Empirical has announced the UK launch of its two latest spirits, SOKA (43% abv) and Symphony 6 (40% abv).

SOKA uses one key ingredient, sorghum cane, the ancient cereal crop often used in Asian and African beer brewing, sourced from Wisconsin, US. 

Empirical co-founder, Lars Williams, said: “Both SOKA and Symphony 6 are the further evolution of the hard work and creative process that has been at the heart of Empirical. Each in their own way connects a sense memory or a landscape to a flavour experience.”

Symphony 6 explores six fragrant leaves and ingredients that are often underutilised. The chosen botanicals of mandarin, lemon, coffee, black currant and fig leaves, elevated by ambrette seeds and vetiver roots, are blended to create the spirit. 

SOKA and Symphony 6 are available through the Empirical website and also through Specialty Drinks from late February.