The Annual Brands Report 2023, published by CLASS' sister title Drinks International, has launched offering the bar industry a picture of the buying habits of the world’s best bars.

Predicated on a global survey of a 100-strong sample of elite worldwide venues – those which have been nominated or won international awards – the Report launches digitally today.

Respondents - bar owners, bar managers and head bartenders, some of which are based in the UK – were asked to describe their buying habits when it came to more than 20 categories of spirits, mixers, wine and beer, with data collated to form leagues of the Bestselling brands. While the Report’s Trending lists offer an indication of the brands that are hot right now.

Hamish Smith, editor of the Brands Report, said: “With the pandemic now fading in the rear-view mirror, trading in the world’s best bars has settled back to an even footing. But is there a legacy? What are the new-normal consumption trends and are new economic pressures again changing the way bars do business? Well, the Brands Report looks to answer these questions.

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“Largely we found the same brands as before prospering in the elite bar channel – particularly in the largest categories - with some natural year-to-year variation in league positions. But in the lower volume categories, we have uncovered some interesting narratives. Cachaça’s craft revolution appears to be underway, with its league now mostly populated by artisanal, not industrial, brands. Over in Pisco, there is now a 50-50 split of Peruvian and Chilean producers, while in mezcal Del Maguey looks to have finally found a competitor in Siete Misterios.”

To view the page-turner edition of the Brands Report click here.