Franklin & Sons is celebrating the remarkably independent and vibrant hospitality industry with the launch of its new vodcast series ‘Drinks In Trade.’ 

The series, which visits a different city in each episode, features open and honest conversations with industry legends and local drinks businesses, spanning several topics from developing careers within hospitality, cocktail concepts and methods, mental well-being, to challenges facing these fiercely independent businesses.

The 45-minute episodes produced by the pioneering and independent tonic and mixer creators Franklin & Sons, will be launching on YouTube, and the Drinks Collective trade hub. This bi-monthly series will be hosted by Tim Garratt, consultant and bar owner of S.O.A.K Bar Co, (formerly Shaker Group), who has lived and breathed the hospitality industry over the last two decades.

Split into 3 key segments, each episode begins by visiting the industry legend’s establishment, where Tim explores their career, achievements, inspirations & concept exploration and how they stepped into the hospitality industry. Tim then heads back to the Franklin & Sons bar for the meet the distiller segment and finishes off with a creative serve, using recipes and flavours explored throughout the segments, paired with the outstanding spirit explored in the episode.

For the first episode, the team head to Leeds, with industry legend Tom Kirk at the award-winning bar, Below Stairs and Ben Peel, co-founder of John Robert’s Botanic Request, previously NPD and innovation manager at Sipsmith. Ben champions liquid innovation, using pioneering techniques and approaches to flavour extraction, such as ultra-sonic sound waves to effectively extract flavour during their distilling process.

This first episode of ‘Drinks In Trade’ is available to watch here:

Tom Singleton, Brand Director at Franklin & Sons, said: “Franklin & Sons are thrilled to support the UK’s exciting hospitality scene, by showcasing industry legends, experts, and friends, and sharing their expertise through our new Drinks In Trade vodcast.

“We’re truly honoured to have a great network that elevates, supports and celebrates ‘best-in-class’ within the drinks industry. As an independent business focused on innovation, we enjoy talking to fellow industry pioneers about their inspirations, approach, and vision – and can’t wait to share this with the wider community.

“Regardless of whether you’re just entering the hospitality industry, or are an experienced bar operator or business owner, there’s plenty in this series that will apply to your craft that you’ll find interesting.”

Alongside the series, Franklin & Sons are adding a huge range of resources to their Drinks Collective Hub, designed to help anyone from fledgling bar staff through to bar owners and operators. These include:

• Drinks Training series

• Management features Hub (How to calculate ABV/units of a drink, how do I calculate GP and target margins)

• The Franklin & Sons interactive pairing guide & Flavour Chain

• Franklin & Sons Bespoke Menu builder

The second episode is set in Manchester, and will be released in January.