Celebrating its seventh birthday this year, Hedonist Bar in Leeds has undergone a makeover, with the bar's new concept bringing together the traditional Yorshire pub with a  more contemporary cocktail bar setting. 

Owner Daniel Crowther said: "Given the ever changing climate for Hedonist’s seventh birthday we wanted to bring to life and cement seven years of concepts and guest experiences into our final concept. Bringing together the idea of the traditional Yorkshire pub with the elegance of Leeds’s cocktail scene.

"At its core, it is Yorkshire Hospitality for the 21st Century."

The change of direction is a reaction to visitor trends. Crowther told Class that consumers were "not bar hopping as much as they use to", instead "sticking to 1-3 venues" on a night out and it was ever important to retain custom.

To aid this, the bar has introduced live music Sunday-Thursday called ‘Hedonist Sessions’, a platform for young and upcoming artists, led by the bar's in-house artist Lucy Robinson.

The bar's new direction is unvelied ahead of a new cocktail menu, which plays on the idea of flavour, experienced through sight. Each cocktail is communicated through a hand-drawn illustration that visually represents its flavours.