Joe Schofield

Fentimans has unveiled the first edition of a new multi-part mixer campaign, Crafted for Mixing, telling the stories, inspiration and journeys behind the craft of the world’s best chefs and bartenders.

In part 1, we speak to world-renowned and award-winning bartender Joe Schofield.

Having worked in multiple venues across the world, Joe recently returned from Singapore to his hometown of Manchester to open SCHOFIELD’s BAR with his brother Daniel.

Class magazine spoke to Joe about the launch of his and brother Daniel’s family business, their approach to cocktails and mixing with Fentimans.

1/ Tell us about the ethos of Schofield’s and what makes your family business tick

SCHOFIELD’S BAR is essentially a family run bar that champions classic cocktails in the Art Deco masterpiece Sunlight House, created by renowned architect Joseph Sunlight. Even our branding is rooted in history, it is the old branding of our 4th generation family business. We always had a vision to return to our home city to open our eponymous venue, it is a city that is thriving at the minute and we are excited to be part of it.

2/ What is your bar's approach to classic drinks and how does that extend to the brands you use?

We hope our guests will join us in the bar to try (hopefully) the best version of a classic cocktail they have ever had. You can expect us to serve liquids that are steeped in history and heritage as well as some more innovative brands.

3/ Why did you choose to list Fentimans and what makes a good mixer in your opinion?

We tried numerous tonics side by side and we discovered that Fentimans came out on top! We love the flavour profiles and the carbonation levels for mixed drinks, and the fact they are a northern family brand is a bonus too!

4/ How has the role of mixers changed and how do you use mixers in your drinks?

I have often found mixers are a very much overlooked category in a bartenders arsenal. But they are a great vessel to create approachable and delicious cocktails for your guests.

One of our best sellers on the menu at the moment is the VP&T. We change half the menu every three months with the seasons, six of these drinks are our own creations and six are lesser known classic cocktails. The other 12 drinks are our ‘signatures’ which will remain the same. The VP&T is an autumnal take on the irrepressible G&T, with Vine leaf Gin, Pommeau de Normandie and Fentimans Premium Indian Tonic Water. It is proving to be quite the hit.

At our other venue ATOMECA, we have another Fentimans drink on the menu. ATOMECA is essentially an all-day European Drinkery at the iconic Deansgate Square, located just a few minutes down the road from SCHOFIELD'S BAR. It is a venue that champions all the wonderful dishes and drinks you get around your holidays in continental Europe with a large focus on wine and coffee. The drink itself is called The Bouquet, with Citadelle Gin, SCHOFIELD’S Dry Vermouth, Lemon Balm and Fentimans Premium Indian Tonic Water.

Every Fentimans mixer is made using a unique 100 year old artisanal technique known as botanical brewing; a multi-stage process of infusion, fermentation, resting and blending over seven days to create a mixer with a depth of flavour that when paired with spirits creates a complex taste experience. 

Here's Joe talking more about his bar and how he mixes with Fentimans.