Owners of Happiness Forgets, Ali Burgess and Adam Papa have partnered with former Monkey Shoulder brand ambassador Grant Neave to launch Twenty, a light spirit drink at 20% abv.

Distilled using the same regulations of a London Dry gin using eight botanicals, dandelion root, milk thistle seed, chestnut, yellow grapefruit peel, sweet orange peel, orris, coriander seed and juniper, Twenty has been created for bartenders to easily create well-known drinks at a lower abv.

“There’s too much ‘no’ in no and low, consumers are basically still stuck with the choice of all or nothing when it comes to spirits,” said Neave.

“Twenty has an abv of 20% to keep the maths simple, it halves the units but doesn’t mean half the enjoyment of your social occasion.  There are a number of reasons for consumers being more mindful of their alcohol consumption.”

In the past year, 33% of the UK public have either cut down on their alcohol intake or cut it out completely, according to a Portman Group YouGov survey.

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“From a Bartender’s point of view, Twenty offers a great opportunity to re-think drinks creation - delicate classic style lower abv drinks can be created that don’t need to be bulked out with citrus or fruit juices or drinks like Espresso Martinis can now be very simply adapted to a lower ABV,” said Burgess.

“Customers can now catch up with friends at a bar on a Tuesday and enjoy a variety of drinks without fearing Wednesday morning!”

Twenty is available to purchase directly through the Mothership Scotland website at £21.90 rrp, and via www.twentylightspirits.com from 20 September.