The London-based flavour consultancy Crucible launch Easymixt, a liqueur designed for cocktail convenience.

The 12.5% abv liqueur was developed by bartender and founder of Crucible, Stu Bale in response to lockdown closures when people had no choice but to make cocktails at home. Easymixt is a balance of natural citrus distillates, acids and sugar designed to be shaken in equal parts with a chosen spirit to create cocktails consistently and conveniently.

“Over the last year we finally had the time to slow down and focus, so we made it our mission to resolve the hardest part of the cocktail making process – finding balance,” said Bale.

“Whether you mix it with your favourite spirit or want to use up that dusty bottle of weird brandy that you bought back from holiday ten years ago, EasyMixt means you’ll be sipping on a pro-level cocktail with zero waste and minimum effort.”

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EasyMixt is available for purchase direct from the EasyMixt shop and Shop Cuvee, rrp £20 for 70cl.