A shot in time

Our Future Proof has launched its first campaign in support of hospitality with A Shot In Time, a series of five limited edition prints aimed to represent common emotions connected to hospitality.

Industry photographer Addie Chinn interpreted industry responses to ‘what hospitality means to you?’, creating works entitled Togetherness, Happiness, Resilience, Shenanigans and (A Manhattan) Family – each with a limited run of 50 prints.

The photographic prints are priced at £50 each and are on sale via Our Future Proof with 100% of profits going to The Drinks Trust.

Our Future Proof is an alliance of industry professionals united to support hospitality with creative initiatives in the wake of the pandemic 

A statement from the collective read: “The goal is to secure £10,000 in total funding that will provide the essentials for 40 people with an emergency grant of £250.00 to help them survive another day.”

Resilience (pictured above) is accompanied by the description: "Throw anything at us and we survive. We can take it all. Even balanced so precariously we continue to stand tall."

Family: "We are a family of individuals. Disparate, bright, proud, loving, anarchic, strange, overlapping, interwoven. We share a wild bond that is to be cherished and celebrated."


Happiness: "The purest, clearest distillation of happiness. Thoughtful, pure, unique; both bracing and embracing."


A 'Manhattan' Family: "A family portrait: Red Hook, Remember The Maine, Brooklyn, The Slope, Little Italy, Bushwick, Greenpoint."


Shenanigans: "The midnight call of “shots!” will ring out in bars, basements and rooftops around the world once more."