Ellie Goulding Served

Singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding has acquired a “significant stake” in the British hard seltzer brand Served.

Goulding joins founders Ryan and Dean Ginsberg as a co-owner and has promise to help grow the brand that is produced in Herefordshire, where the artist grew up.

She said: “We are going to take on some of the biggest brands on the planet, but do it our way. We refuse to compromise on quality nor the health of the natural world. We use ‘wonky fruit’ as an intervention on food waste, the most innovative ecological packaging materials we can think of and we will support habitats, people and animals on the frontline of the nature crisis.

“We will continue to be 100% transparent. Oh, and we’ll do all this while having fun and building an awesome brand with awesome people.”

Dean Ginsberg added: “We are thrilled to welcome Ellie as a co-owner of Served and excited to build a global brand alongside her. Ellie embodies everything that we stand for at Served and she will be an integral part of the brand as we continue to grow.”

Five percent of profits from each can of Served sold are invested in environmental projects and saving critically endangered species around the world.