Left to right: Miso Mango Sour, Clarified Bloody Mary, Kiwi Gimlet, Pineapple Vermouth, Wagyu Martini, Margarita with Chimichurri Salt

Gaucho has revealed its new menu, The Spirit of Argentina, claiming it to be among the best cocktail lists by a UK restaurant group. 

A series of 20 drinks rooted in classic cocktails made using modern mixology equipment, the menu is inspired by the eating and drinking culture of Latin America, while the cocktails are plotted on a ‘flavour matrix’ to help guests select their serve.

It’s the first Gaucho menu to be designed by former content director of The World’s 50 Best Bars Mark Sansom and Theo Konstantopoulos, Gaucho bar operations manager. Sansom left 50 Best for the Rare Restaurant group in September 2023 and the menu has been in progress for the past nine months.

Sansom said: “When I first sat down with Theo to talk about cocktail craft, I could tell we were immediately aligned. We wanted to create a list founded in classic serves, but informed by the wealth of eating and drinking traditions found across Latin America.

“What he has created is nothing short of mind-blowing. Having tasted the very best drinks from across the globe in my time at 50 Best Bars, I have no doubt that these cocktails are the finest from any restaurant group in the UK.”

To support the cocktail list, Gaucho has invested in a bespoke research and development facility in London, with equipment including centrifuges, dehydrators and homogenizers to support the menu’s roll-out across Gaucho’s 20-restaurant estate.

Menu highlights include the Wagyu Martini with Burnt Lemon Oil, Gaucho’s steak-forward take on a Vesper, with a blend of Renais Gin and Ketel One vodka washed with wagyu fat and split with scorched lemon bitters.

The Clarified Bloody Mary takes seasonal cherry tomatoes and clarifies them using a centrifuge before blending with Belvedere vodka and Laphroaig 10 whisky.

Yerba Maté Jasmin Fizz, meanwhile fuses the indigenous Argentinian plant drunk as a morning infusion with Bombay Sapphire gin, Muyu Jasmine liqueur with Chandon NV sparkling wine.

The Alfajores is a liquid representation of Alfajores, a traditional Argentinian cookie filled with dulce de leche and sprinkled with coconut. Gaucho blends Hennessy VS cognac and Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky with a clarified milk punch made from shortbread biscuit and dulce de leche liqueur to recreate the flavour.

The Margarita with Chimichurri Salt takes a blend of El Jimador Blanco tequila and Quiquiriqui Espadin mezcal and mixes it with a savoury red pepper cordial for a take on the legendary Latin American drink. It’s rimmed with house-made chimichurri salt.