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How to make Opium's Opium n°10
How to make Opium's Opium n°10

Refreshing. fruity. citrusy

Imagine drinking Mojito in Barbados, but better. Moroccan Mint Green tea brings the freshness to this cocktail, combined with rum and velvet falernum liqueur, easy to drink, pleasant to watch as we serve it on dry ice.

Venue: OpiumSoho London

Menu: Lukas Stafin

Recipe: Apothecary & Peony


30ml Doorly's 3yrs rum

10ml Velvet Falernum liqueur

25ml Fortunella Golden Orange liqueur

50ml Moroccan Mint green tea

15ml Lime juice

10ml Bristol Elderflower syrup


Build, mix all ingredients in the bottle, serve over ice.