Lucky Liqueurs

Mike Aikman, Jason Scott and the team behind Edinburgh bars Bramble, Lucky Liquor and The Last Word, have relaunched their Lucky Liqueurs range.

The redesigned line debuts on Wednesday at Lucky Liquor, with new flavours including Lucky Bramble, Lucky Passionfruit, Lucky Pink Grapefruit and Lucky Falernum added to the range.

They join Lucky Apple, Lucky Blue Curaçao, Lucky Chuckleberry, Lucky Kummel, Lucky Menthe, Lucky Orange, Lucky Passionfruit, Lucky Peach, Lucky Tonka, Lucky Violet and Lucky White Cacao. 

Mike Aikman said: "We're incredibly excited to unveil the next evolution of Lucky Liqueurs. 

“We’ve poured our hearts and souls into Lucky Liqueurs. We’ve always been proud of the liquid in the bottles, now we feel the packaging reflects that quality and should stand out better on back bars, shop shelves and home bars."

The Lucky Liqueurs team worked with award-winning design agency Freytag Anderson on the new packaging.

Greig Anderson of Freytag Anderson, said: “Across their 14 distinct flavours, we've opted for bold colours and a sleek, minimalist label design, creating a look that exudes vibrancy, charm, and a sense of luxury.

“We've chosen classic fonts and typography, coupled with a classic bottle shape. Initially geared towards the on-trade sector, we've crafted brand messaging that centres around the Lucky Liqueurs name. Our aim is to convey the notion that a hint of luck adds excitement to the game, while emphasising that the exceptional flavours are the result of skill, not chance.”