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How to make BiBo's Strangers in Scotland
How to make BiBo's Strangers in Scotland

Fruity & floral notes, herbal, fresh

Strangers in Scotland involves non-endemic ingredients that grow happily in Scotland but originally came from other parts of Britain and the world. It also includes Campari, in honour of Venice for the 60th Venice Art Biennale.

Venue: BiBo Shoreditch, London

Menu: 2024 Menu

Recipe: Michele Gadaleta and Vadim Grigoryan


40ml X Muse Vodka

10ml Campari

20ml Homemade raspberry shrub

40ml Cranberry juice marjoram foam

Raspberry shrub:

115g raspberries 

300g sugar 

50g vinegar 

30ml Oloroso sherry wine 

Citric acid + malic acid 1 spoon each (or 20ml lemon juice and 10ml lime juice)

Marjoram foam:

50g fresh marjoram 

300ml water 

50ml lime juice 

100ml simple syrup 1:1 ratio

2.8g Xanthan gum (or any thickening agent)


Shake and double strain in a clean tumbler with big 5x5 ice cube. Marjoram foam on top.

Raspberry shrub:

Add all ingredients into a container, mix, leave overnight, then filter.

Marjoram Foam:

Bring 100ml of water to a boil. Once boiling, turn off the heat, immerse the marjoram, and immediately retrieve it. Then, put it in water and ice, in a container, combine all ingredients except the Xanthan Gum, blend, and filter. Once filtered, add the thickening agent, put everything into a siphon, and add gas, and leave in the fridge for 2/4 hours.