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How to make Finders Keepers' Date Night Pickle

Dark, vibrant, bittersweet

Dark, vibrant and bittersweet with a zing of acidity, the mouthfeel of Date Night Pickle is intensified by walnut and chocolate coating the mouth with natural oils. The palate is left with savoury umami notes matching the pickled acidity coming from the drink.

Venue: Finders Keepers, Manchester

Menu: Spring 2024

Recipe: Finders Keepers


30ml Lot 40 rye

30ml Cocchi Torino 

20ml Pickled walnut and date cordial 

5ml Angostura Bitters

2ml Orange blossom 


Pickled walnut and date cordial:

Take equal parts pickled walnut, dates, caster sugar and water then add 5% pickled walnut brine with 1% sea salt.

Sous vide for 6 hours at 85 degrees.

Dark chocolate and walnut truffle:

Bain-marie 800g of dark chocolate. Once the chocolate has melted add 200ml of oat cream, white miso 20g, 2g sea salt and 50ml pickled walnut brine. Take truffle mixture and place in fridge for 2 hours.

Then toast and blend whole walnuts for coating of truffles. Once truffle mixture has formed into dense texture roll into 1cm diameter balls and roll in toasted walnut coating.