Cocktail bar Callooh Callay has launched McMenu, a drinks list designed to take guests on a nostalgic trip through the lens of well-known food and drink brands.

McMenu follows a long line of thematic drinks lists at the Shoreditch bar over its 15 years.

The list is split into easy drinking and refreshing, citric and sour, short and boozy, deserts and coffee, and seasonal serves.

Owner of Callooh Callay Richard Wynne said: “With the McMenu, there’s a fun and approachable vibe that permeates through each drink.

“Incorporating great flavours and spirits brands whilst maintaining a level of sophistication in the cocktails is a true testament to our team’s bartending prowess and creativity”.

Among the signature cocktails is the Mint-Choc-Ramos, which features cacao infused Glenmorangie X scotch, Menthe Verte liqueur, double cream and Franklin & Son’s Soda.

Apple-Pie-Tini sees baked apple Belvedere vodka and buttery biscuit Regal Rogue vermouth.

While Cherry Cola is made with Eminente 3YO rum, cherry & tonka Vermouth fortified with Torres 15 brandy, Franklin & Son’s Cola

According to the bar,  “Happy Meals” are also available to “industry friends on request”.