In today's instalment of the BBAs, we narrow in on the tonic session. 

Since the tonic water market fragmented and diversified, brands have competed to take accounts at the UK’s best bars.

Our advice, based on our tri-assessments, is that you can’t go far wrong with Franklin. Both its Light and Indian tonic water variants took triple gold. The best thing you can say about any light/diet product is: “It doesn’t taste light at all.”

Judges added that it had “lovely sweetness” and was “very fizzy”. 45 out of 50 was one of the highest scores for taste in the whole competition. With a taste score of 42/50, our panel loved the classic Indian tonic water too. Judges thought the branding was “spot on” for the category and that pricing was “good for enjoyable products”.

A few points back on taste but still a high-scoring silver was Schweppes Indian tonic, which judges enjoyed for its slightly sweeter profile. Together with a gold for its curved bottle, it took gold for value for money too.

In fourth was Franklin & Sons Rhubarb & Hibiscus tonic water, which took silvers across the board, including on taste (“crisp, clean, fizzy, delicious”).

In fifth was Poachers Citrus Tonic with Irish Rosemary, which took silver and bronze in taste and value for money and gold in design. Judges were wowed by its “standout design and branding”.