Earlier this year Hamish Smith dropped by Elon Soddu's second London venue: Twice Shy. 

Even on this barely-evening, winter visit, Twice Shy is busy. Locals to this Earl’s Court side-street location are already familiar with their new cocktail spot and some recognisable trade figures are holding court too.

Twice Shy is, of course, no random debut venue – it’s Elon Soddu’s sequel to Amaro on Kensington High Street and it might, with these warm neighbourhood vibes, be even better.

The drinks here are more experimental than at their sibling’s, predicated on protagonist ingredients: Golden Beetroot & Mezcal with Aperol and citric acid comes in a coupe and is elegant to the eye, all earth and funk in the mouth, while Scotch Bonnet & Blackberry is an ingenious capturing of the flavour of a chilli, while removing the heat.

Many more would be served across Twice Shy’s marble bar top, but my scribbled notes are fading to nothing. It’s all good drinking, but the show has started: Juan Orellano is one the most entertaining bartenders in London.

SCORE: 8/10

» 14 Hogarth Place, London SW5 0QT