Today in our BBAs highlights comes mixers, syrups and soft drinks. 

This catch-all softs category saw Bottlegreen Ginger & Lemongrass Cordial take the plaudits. It’s been in the BBAs before – under blind conditions bartenders seem to love the stuff.

This year, it received a score of 45/50, judges “loving” the “feisty” flavours. It followed that gold medal with a silver for design and a gold again for value: “Great value for money”; a “low cost” addition to cocktails, they said – 87/100, was one of the highest scores in the BBAs.

Franklin & Sons Pineapple & Almond Soda came second, with golds across our three measures.

The panel pointed to “delightful pineapple” and “great balance”. “It’s what you want tropical to taste like,” said one judge. “Great branding as ever” came the verdict on the packaging and a third gold medal was awarded for value for money.

Franklin & Sons Raspberry Lemonade came third, noted for its “super-fresh raspberries”, while in fourth was Monin Bitter, which took golds across the board. It was described as “a solid non-alc Campari replacement, delicious”, with judges suggesting its design was “a classy step up from the standard range”.

Completing our highlights is another product Franklin & Sons product: its Rose Lemonade. “Fragrant, floral, delightful – great” was the commentary. Golds, again, the medals.