Josh Powell’s Natural Philosopher will mark its tenth birthday this month with a party that celebrates the best cocktails of the East London bar’s decade in business.

Originally opened by Paul Davies, who runs the computer repair shop that fronts the Natural Philosopher on Hackney Road, and two business partners, the bar was also notably led by Alf del Portillo, who went on to open Quattro Teste in Lisbon.

Powell worked alongside del Portillo for a six-month stint in 2017, before re-joining in the summer of 2019 and becoming the owner that winter.

Powell told CLASS: "When I worked there the first time in 2017, I said to myself that one day I was going to 'own this weird little bar'. I never took any steps to make that happen but the bar fell into my lap nonetheless. It’s become a huge part of my personality and in turn my personality is in everything the bar does.

"The story and exact details of how I became the owner is a crazy one and very much typical of something that would only happen to me, and I’m incredibly grateful to have been given that leg up into ownership."

The journey to the bar’s milestone wasn’t without its hurdles, Powell added: “We managed to survive the pandemic with no access to government help (grants, furlough etc) and now are a team of just two: myself and Sorin Rizea, who joined in September 2022."

The Natural Philosopher recently launched a new menu with cocktails drawing on foraged ingredients, many of which are local to East London.

The 10th birthday party - which will see the resurrection of some of the Natural Philosopher's favourite cocktails, including Macadamia, Dandelion Root and Sweet Stilton - takes place from 7pm on April 15th.