In today's BBAs highlights we feature the best of our gin session. 

Edinburgh Gin’s Cannonball has smashed it in this category once again, taking the title of Gin Champion and, wait for it, Supreme Champion – the best-performing product in the BBAs with a score of 91/100.

Judges noted a “peppery, juniper-forward nose” and a “long finish” making it “perfect for a Martini”, giving it gold. It repeated the trick in the design round (“clean branding, strong visuals”) and in the value for money assessment (“great price for a great navy”).

Jawbox gin was actually scored the best-tasting gin of the BBAs, with 46/50 and tasting notes that could be summarised as “juniper, citrus, delicious”. On design, judges noted American whiskey-inspired premium looks, while the price was “good value for money”.

Boatyard Double gin was edged out to third on tie break – its 44/50 just a couple short of Jawbox. Tasting notes were “dry, juniper forward, oily, nice long finish”, while gold medals came too in the design and value assessments.

For context, Jawbox and Boatyard were the fourth and fifth best-scoring products in the BBAs overall. Completing the top five are two from Edinburgh Gin. Seaside was noted for its “salt and mineral” notes, while the brand’s Classic took gold in taste too, judges saying it was a "great London Dry".

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