Dry, bracing, fun

When creating 'Above The Clouds' Velvet wanted to encapsulate Banksy's most famous artwork Girl with Balloon, which appeared on Waterloo Bridge in 2004 alongside his quote "Sometimes the right thing to do... is the wrong thing". Velvet wanted the cocktail to bring the fun and playful feeling that Banksy's work creates, adding a floating helium balloon above the drink - guests are encouraged to inhale the air of the balloon to change their voice.

Venue: Velvet by Salvatore Calabrese at Corinthia London

Menu: The Quote Book

Recipe: Salvatore Calabrese, Christian Maspes and the team


40ml. No.3 Gin
10ml. Honey syrup
10ml. Mancino Secco Vermouth
100ml Blush (house hibiscus wine)


Build the first three ingredients in the glass and top up with blush, previously carbonated. Garnish with a heart shape balloon filled with helium and strawberry aroma. Serve in a tall glass filled with ice.