Track 50, Speak in Code

Herbaceous, citrus, complex

This cocktail balances complex, aromatic and gentle earthy tones with subtle fresh oregano. Its texture is silky with bright citrus notes accompanied with salinity. The olive oil wash brings a slight nutty side while adding a clean texture to the final drink. Langley's London Dry Gin provides a peppery citrus profile to lead these flavours.

Venue: Speak in Code, Manchester

Menu: 2024

Recipe: Brett Yates

Photography: Nathan Larkin


50ml Oregano infused Langley’s London Dry Gin*
50ml Cocchi Extra Dry Vermouth
5ml Cured lemon brine
3 dashes wild chive distillate
Fresh oregano or lemon-zested olive

*Oregano infused Langley’s London Dry Gin:
50ml Langley’s London Dry Gin
15ml Extra virgin olive oil
5g Fresh oregano


Begin by sous vide-ing olive oil, oregano and Langley's London Dry Gin at 50°C for 2 hours. Freeze and then quickly strain the mixture to avoid having oil in the final product. Add and stir all the remaining ingredients, and serve over a block of ice. Garnish with a sprig of fresh oregano or a lemon-zested olive for a finishing touch.

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