Terroir Tapas
Photo courtesy of Terroir Tapas

Terroir Tapas, a pioneer of sustainable practices in the UK hospitality industry, has announced it has closed due to financial difficulties. 

The Bournemouth-based low-waste restaurant bar opened in 2017 and went on to almost instant acclaim, taking a gong in 2018 and in 2019 for its sustainable credentials at the CLASS Bar Awards. The bar soon won a Michelin Green Star. 

James Fowler - the owner and driving force behind the venue - made the following announcement: "It's now time to change and grow on from our founding home.  Our goal was always to offer a planet positive dining experience with no negative impact on the outside world - an attribute that sadly only a tiny percentage of restaurants can do.

"Post-Covid life for us has been tough. Rising overheads and cost of living implications have made us evaluate our value as a restaurant. Quite simply the financials results do not reflect the efforts and ethos that the team strive for - there are better things we can do! Terroir is the right way to run a restaurant and we need to share and educate our industry."

While it is the end of the road for the venue, Terroir Tapas may continue in another guise, Fowler said. 

"What this means for us now is undecided, but sadly we won't be a restaurant anymore," he added. "Thank you for your support over the years and please continue to follow our journey.  Big thanks to all the team that told our story and continue to make change."