Balsamic, tropical, harmonious


Bar: Bar Antoine, London

Menu: The Ikigai Menu

Recipe: Michele Lombardi


35ml Haku vodka

15ml Green shiso Ilegal Joven

7.5ml Sudachi juice

15ml Muyu Vetiver

15ml Pineapple extraction 

7.5ml Rinomato bianco

For Pineapple extraction:

1kg of chopped Pineapple (without the skin)

30g Natsuc (birch wood extract)

Garnish: Hana hojiso flower / black lemon powder / green shiso leaf


Green Shiso Ilegal Joven:

Preheat a water bath with a sous vide roner to 52 degrees. Place all the ingredients in a medium vacuum bag and seal (70cl Ilegal Joven mezcal and six green shiso leaves), then place the vacuum bag in the water bath and leave to cook for 2 hours. Remove from the water bath and set aside to cool. Strain the infusion through a coffee filter. Decant into a bottle and store in the fridge until required.

Pineapple extraction:

Add the ingredients into a vacuum bag and place it in a steamer for 2 hours at 83C. Strain the extraction with a chinois, and let the mixture cool (you can use a kitchen chill blaster).

To Finish:

Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice


Serve in an old-fashioned style glass over ice.

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