Maison Ferrand has announced that its rum brand Plantation has changed its name to Planteray Rum with immediate effect.

Bottles with the new Planteray Rum name will roll out globally from this month.

Maison Ferrand initially vowed to change the brand’s name in the wake of the 2020 murder of George Floyd which sparked widespread conversations about systemic racism and protests in more than 60 countries in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

“From today forwards, the evolution from Plantation to Planteray begins,” said Maison Ferrand founder Alexandre Gabriel.

“It was a long journey of trademarking a name that reflects our brand ethos in 120 countries. Naturally, the rum we have proudly produced for more than 25 years remains exactly the same and will still be produced with the same expertise, attention and care but now as Planteray Rum.

“We remain wholeheartedly committed to making the same exceptional rum from Barbados and some of the greatest rum terroirs in the world.”

The name Planteray is a portmanteau with Plant referencing the sugar cane origin of rum and Ray referring to “the sun, being open to people, the heritage and savoir-faire of rum”, according to a post on the brand's Instagram account.

To coincide with the announcement, Planteray Rum has announced the release of Planteray Cut & Dry Coconut Rum, it will be the first release to bear the new name.

In 2022, the controversy around the Plantation name was back in the news following a Rachelle Ferron-penned column in The Guardian that highlighted the name’s link to slavery.

In November of that year, Gabriel spoke to Drinks International to provide an update on the name change, revealing one potential name had been blocked by another drinks company, and another two names were in the process of being checked and registered for patent.

Since launching in 1997, the Maison Ferrand brand has been among the most acclaimed rum brands and a consistent favourite among bartenders. Earlier this month, the brand was named the third bestselling and top trending rum brand among the world’s best bars.